Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Day of firsts.

This morning was #4's first doctor visit :) She did very well! And can you believe I didn't get her height and weight :( I was bummed when I realized I forgot to ask for it! I know she is in the 0 percentile for her height and weight. And 10 percentile for her head circumference. That surprised me a bit that she was even on our charts for head circumference since that is her "issue"

They tested her hearing and said it was great!
They pricked her finger and found she is slightly anemic and has traces of lead in her blood. Not enough to be too concerned but they will watch that. And she is on OVC iron drops. She is scheduled for follow up in January to check her levels again. And as soon as the insurance picks her up she will have a cat scan (I think?) to determine if she needs to see a specialist for her microcephaly.

Her other first was grocery shopping....how exciting is that :) She did great until she spotted the bananas.....she just didn't get "wait until we get home". Even then she didn't have a melt down just vocalized a bit :)

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Elaine said...

Sounds like the 'firsts' went well.
You are an amazing woman.