Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas with 4 kiddos.

What a week we had!! A day with just the in laws. A day with my family. A day with the extended in laws. Trying to make some new Christmas traditions for our family. Christmas lights one night. A day trying to get my grandparents from the airport. Christmas with them. Throw in some puking in between those too. EY EY EY I am so glad its over!!

#4 had a great time, and she learned quickly to "oh and ah" over the gifts. And if it was clothing she would try it on a want her picture learn so QUICK!!!!!
#2 said the sweetest thing after we opened our Christmas morning gifts. We warned the kids before India that our Christmas would be smaller because of the trip. Well after we opened the gifts #2 said "Mom I thought you said we would have a small Christmas" and I was able to remind him someone else generosity helped us have a bigger then expected Christmas!!

The 3 bigger kids loved the instruments!! I quickly wondered what I was thinking getting them LOL!! But we will start "lessons" with PJ Academy then move on in a bit to "real" ones in the spring. #4 loved the kitchen set. It's funny that even with not much "home" life how little girls are just little girls. Like she will grab the broom AND her phone and sweeped and "talked". She knows that a purse goes on your shoulder. She loves and cares for her babies. I think everyone of them has a diaper on.

Oh it was funny she put one of her new babies to bed and was quite frustrated that her baby would not close her eyes and go to sleep....ha ha!!!

She is talking more and more. "Coat and Hat" "Outside" Bye Bye" "Hungry" "cup" "stop it".
Today I was outside, and when I came in she rubbed her hands together and said "Brr cold".
I started cracking up at her!! Last night I tucked her her own bed......sniff sniff already..... and she said "tank tu"! I said I love you and she responded with a "I lub loo". Awwww!!

I have oodles of pictures on other people cameras. So when I get them I will share. Hopefully before Easter lol :)

I informed hubby that I was "ready"........and when he is ready to let me know to get the little boys file!! He smiled and said I was nuts lol :)


elaine said...

Loved your update! Such precious expressions of your kiddoes on Christmas Day! That's great.
SAW you last night but didn't get over to say 'hi' -- missed you in the afternoon too.
A couple of ours have had the flu bug but I quickly asked Rich to 'pray a hedge of protection' around the rest of the family.
Glad everyone is feeling better at your house. Well, my house is begging to be cleaned --- I'd better get off of the computer. :-)
God bless you and yours in this New Year!
p.s. your husband is right -- you're a nut about getting a little boy's paperwork going, but I understand your mother-heart! God bless you, and HE HAS. Four huge blessings, right? :-) well, five, including hubby!

Lalena said...

I was so looking forward to see how your Christmas went. I'm glad it went well and #4 is adorable. :-)

Wendy said...

So glad to hear Christmas went smoothly. I enjoy reading your updates. I like the blog redesign too. May I request a different font color, please? The dark on dark is a strain on the eyes ;) lol I don't want to miss anything!! Happy New Year!
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