Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I Heart Facebook :)

Remember awhile back I mentioned that I wanted to get the kiddos instruments for Christmas? Well I put it on my facebook status that I was looking for a Trumpet, Sax and Flute. A friend from a few years back saw that and contacted me about having a Trumpet, Sax and a Clarinet. Close enough right?

Well I have been dragging my feet getting them and she e mailed said her and her Dad would meet us half way to get them. Blessing #1. I also had a friend volunteer to get them for me she lives in the same town as them. THANKS Brooke!! But I felt bad asking her to load up her kids in the freezing temps this close to Christmas!!

So yesterday we loaded up the van and started our half way journey. As we get close I call her and realize "oh no we switched time zones". When we said 10:30 I assumed my time zone and they assumed in theirs :) They waited for me for close to an hour. Blessing #2.

On the way I was "concerned" that the kiddos would see the gifts and wondered how I could get around this. Guess what? They were thoughtful enough to put them in black garbage bags. Blessing #3.

I went to hand them the money and they said "no, Merry Christmas". We had agreed on a price before hand though. Nope they would not take it. "At least let me pay for gas, or the McDonald's you ate because I was late" Nope would not take it. Blessing #4.

Then they tell me they put in a recorder for #4 so she would have an instrument on Christmas Day too. Blessing #5.

They also gave us extra reeds. The cleaning supplies too. Blessings #6 & 7.
Also beginner books for each instrument. Blessing # 8. I was going to go there last night after James got home to get them those.

Then I get home to peek in the bags :) Each Instrument had big bows on them. Blessing #9. AND the books were wrapped and ready for the under the tree. Blessing #10.

God is so GOOD!! And we were then able to go buy a few more gifts for the kiddos because of the "extra" money we had. Blessing #11.

THANK YOU MEAGAN and her Dad for blessing our family this Christmas. When I told my husband of everything he just couldn't believe you had done that for our family!!!


Aaron Tague said...

Love it! God takes care of everything, huh???? You wouldn't have had to feel bad- I wouldn't have minded in the least. If I can't hold my Indian princess, I could have loved on Nidhi :) Wow, I am so excited for you and your kids. Now the headaches begin- don't you love homeschooling?

Nichole said...

HOW Awesome !!! This is sooo Great :)

Wendy said...

That is so wonderful! Praise the Lord! Merry Christmas if I don't 'see' you before then.
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