Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Test Results.

The doctor called with her results from blood work

HIV - negative
Hepatitis - negative
TB - negative
Iron - a lot better
Lead - still slightly elevated.

She has a dr appointment next week.......I think :) And then we will schedule her MRI....not cat scan!

She is gaining weight and filling out!!! I love the age where thighs are cute.......funny no one tells me how cute my chubby thighs are LOL :)

We had our first visit with the social worker and she was really impressed with how well she is doing. We have another one this month........then not for a bit. I believe after the next one we can start the actual adoption process. YEAH. Need to do that before we can start another...... SHHH!!


Wendy said...

LOL @ starting another ;)
So is the time frame like six months before finalizing the adoption?
I answered your questions from this post, I wasn't sure if you had checked the follow up box for comments or not so I wanted to let ya know :o)
Happy New Year!!

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A Stafford said...

I feel like it has been a year and a half since I've seen a picture of #4. Get those pictures!! She's probably grown so much I won't recognize her! ;-)

luvnmyhubynkids said...

So glad all is going so well with #4!! cant wait to see you go thru the process for #5!! :o)

Wendy said...

Tag! Your're IT!


Wendy said...

and I can't spell!!! ;)