Thursday, January 15, 2009

Just because.

I love this idea come out of lurking :) I see at least 40 people voted on my "Why do you visit PJ Academy" poll. So I need at least 40 comments ;)

Tell me who you are, and why you visit? What you would like to see? What you would like to hear? Where you found me? Ya know just the basics ;)


Rachel said...

You know about me already but I'll go ahead and comment. Met you through a Christian adoptive mom's yahoo group and have been following your adoption ever since. Now I'm working on my own adoption from India and plan to come to you if I need any travel tips. :)

Regina said...

We met through a Cafe Mom group and I now follow your blog. I am so happy for you that you have now brought your daughter home!!
Blessings to you and you family.

grandparents said...

A need to know grandparent!!!
Love you. G-J

Dawn said...

Not sure how I found you honestly. We are adopting from Vietnam though and I enjoy following your journey.

A Stafford said...

Here's my comment for you since I'm one of the 40:

I met you through the WACAP adoption group long ago, and now I visit your blog to steal pictures--just kidding ;-) .

I have treasured going though this adoption process with you, gaining a wonderful friendship, and now love to keep up with #4 after having met your beautiful princess in India.

Tisra said...

Recently found you, I don't remember how. We are in the process of adopting, and also homeschool.

mommy to 3 children at home and waiting for referral nearly 21 months for our fourth blessing.

6KidMom said...

Hello, Friend!! I know I've been rather absent lately, but I'm happy to de-lurk. 8^)

whenpigsfly said...

I know you from an adoptive moms Christian group, we have been following each other's adoptions for a while. Love reading about your India process and how your daughter is doing!

Anonymous said...

We met through WACAP's adoption list. We are still in the process of adopting from India. We also home school, so I enjoy hearing some of your projects. We live and teach green living at home. I love the project descriptions on your blog, as well as the updates on adoption. I have No blog yet, so I will appear anonymous til I get it up!

Wendy aka CalvaryGirl said...

We met through a Cafemom group, I followed your link in your sig and started following your blog. I come here more often than I do the group, LOL I have been interested in learning about adoption and have enjoyed seeing how your family has been adapting to the changes that's happened in recent months.

My Blog: CalvaryGirl
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Kristy said...

My sister, who also adopted from India, sent me the link for your blog. I started following about 6 months or so ago. Since we're in the middle of a Guatemalan adoption, I love to lurk on other Christian women's blogs to follow along with their adoptions! When our son comes home from Guatemala, I'll also start homeschooling, so I'm all about stealing good ideas and tricks of the trade.

I have a blog too, and I always wonder who is lurking, so I figured it was only fair if I stopped lurking you and post a comment!