Monday, January 26, 2009


I never really thought I would have *feelings* for India other then thankfulness. But the past few days I have felt like I miss it there. I miss the people. I miss the smell of India. I miss the warmth. (probably not fair when the temp are in the negative but still!)
I miss spending time at Ashraya. Playing with the kids. Smiling with them. Brightening their day jut a bit. I miss the busyness of the streets. I laid in bed last night trying to hear the beeping of the car horns......there were none. It's quiet in the country ;)


Lalena said...

interesting enough, I was thinking about the silence last night as well and trying desperately to remember the hustle and bustle of India. :-) BTW - I love your new picture of your 4 kiddo feet. Too cute!

Brooke said...

Love the new blog look. Awesome. Can't say I can say the same about India, but I am praying for you and your addition of #5 :)

Tisra said...

I can't wait to go! Recently found your blog on a search for India adoption blogs. We just accepted the referral of a waiting little girl in India after spending 21 months on a list to adopt from Taiwan. switching gears, we're now soaking up the stories of those adopting from India.


Tisra said...

Oh! And I homeschool our three kids currently at home. (how on earth will I keep homeschooling while we're helping the newest family member bond and attach and adjust, I wonder... input?)


Rachel said...

I have felt the same way about Liberia. I MISS it there and I wish I could go back. I thought I was the only one. I think that when you adopt a child from a country you leave a little piece of your heart there.

Amy said...

It's funny how each birth country of our children holds a place in our heart. I never imagined I would feel that way before we traveled to bring them home, but each place has made an impression on our lives, and we are forever changed by it.