Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Why we home school.

For us home schooling has been such a gradual thing. I wanted to home school when my kids were little. Hubby not so much. So our kiddos went to private school for a bit. They went to the church's school of our church. That being said hubby felt the need to seek out another church. Leaving with the awkwardness of having our kids at our ex church's school. Sooo we decide to home school until we find our new church home. Now some four years later here we are members at our "new" church and still home schooling....why?

Well honestly we have fallen in love with having our kids with us all the time. Now I will be honest. After getting into the groove of "real" school I was that Mom that said, "I have no patience" "I can't do it" "They will drive me crazy" "NO not me". I remember telling my husband that I would have to have "me time" at least once a week :) Not so. I actually hate leaving them even for that. Now don't get me wrong. They drive me crazy. They are sinners, and so am I. We clash sometimes. We knock heads. Sometimes I make them go lay down and watch a movie so I can hear silence for a bit.

But even with my oldest at 10 I can not imagine dropping my "baby".....he sooo hates that!.......off at school. We have such a short time to influence them, we need all the hours in the day we can get.

There are days I question our decision. Will they learn all they need to? What are they missing out on? Will they be happy with this decision we have made for them? I get my answer when my kids all curl up on the couch to have books be read to them. They are loving and open to helping others. They want to be home schooled. So for now they are.


Brooke said...

I totally understand all of your reasons and feel the same way. Enjoy them why you have them!

Bridget said...

awww I LOVE that post!!! What a perfect time to read it too, as I watch my 4 oldest (4,6,7, and 11) having SO much fun playing Candyland!! haha Most 11 year olds would not be caught playing that game! I am going to be posting a sorta similar post in a bit. My ex (my oldest's father) and I are in a battle because all of a sudden he wanted him to go to public school (after being h'schooled his whole life and he's in 6th grade) and the results of my having him tested. God is so good and although I don't know if this will actually go to court... I feel secure in knowing he is better off at home!

Great post, Mama!

Tracy said...

So well said! I'm with you, Jen. Everyone keeps saying, "These are the best days of your lives with little children...enjoy them!" And we're not missing a minute!! Praise the Lord for the opportunity and freedom to do so!

Lalena said...

This is great Jennifer. And I feel like it is certainly giving me further to think about as I never thought of seriously home schooling until the last few weeks. So thank you for the insight. :-)

Wendy aka CalvaryGirl said...

That's a sweet testimony, Jennifer. I appreciate your humility in realizing it's not for everyone but are confident this is what's best for your family :o)

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