Monday, February 23, 2009

3 Months and 1 Day :)

A few weeks ago James and I sat and wondered if #4 was given the choice to stay here or going back to India what would she choose? I think we have finally come to the point where we would be the choice! We are who she looks for for comfort. If someone picks her up she instantly looks for one of the 5 of us. As long as she can see one of us she is ok.

So cute yesterday at church she went up on her own to quite a few people, men included, stuck out her hand to shake hands and said "Hello!" Then shook hands and promptly told them "Bye" as she walked away :) So cute!

Prep is being started for our April Birthdays :) #4 wants Elmo and #1 not sure he says "Men don't want cake"???? So maybe Indiana Jones. I've been stalking eBay for Elmo and Legos. So far we have Elmo jammies and an Elmo bank. I found a little tykes high chair for $3 I couldn't pass up. So I think she is about done. Now onto #1!!


Manic Mom said...

Just found your blog today & I think it's great. Great family stories, I just love family life. I have 3 kids & homeschool. We just had an Elmo party for our youngest. We had an Elmo cupcake cake. Yummy!!! Take care & Happy Birthday to your little ones!

Brooke said...

Hey, I made an Elmo cake one year- just look for the Wilton cake mold. It took me 2 hours to decorate, but the end product was worth it :) When is Nidhi's birthday?

Lalena said...

What a precious girl! Does everyone love Elmo??? I know Pandu does and we are looking at an April birthday too with Elmo cake. How fun! And Brooke is right they have an Elmo Wilton mold. My BF made it for my cousin's daughter for her birthday too. It's great! :-)

Jenn N James said...

Jennifer ~ you have a beautiful family ! I tried to email you but the link wouldnt go through. I am a new mommy and new to blogger.. Looks like you got it down would love to hear your secrets. I would love to put on music and the tags.. Anyway maybe you can email me sometime.. thanks !!! Jenn

CalvaryGirl said...

Oh! Get her an Elmo Extreme! Oh man I want one of those. Talk about laughter being contagious!

Gratituesday: Jackson
"Happy Birthday" ^Jordan^

Christy O said...

Would you like an Elmo rolling backpack? Our youngest adopted son wanted one so bad, then shortly after he got it, realized that he might be a little old for it, so it is basically unused and sitting here. Let me know if you do and I will ship it out to you!
Christy in WI (you know who I am!)