Saturday, February 21, 2009

Answers to questions for cloth diapers.

what brand? Different Brands mostly work at home moms have made them. The one name brand I have is Bumpkins
where did you get them? Some on eBay, a cloth diapering group on Cafemom
how did you decide what kind? Bought some of each and tried them all! Pockets would probably be my favorites though. AIO's (all in ones) take a long time to dry. Fitteds have to then have covers, covering the "cuteness" of the diaper. Also then more is needed to buy :) We have some fleece covers and wool covers that to my surprise don't leak.
how do you like them? I LOVE them! We use them at home. I find them inconvenient when we are out!
did you use them for the other children? No #4 is the first I have been brave enough to try it on. As we slowly try to get the chemicals out of our home it just seemed like the next step in "greenness" lol!

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