Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!

Saturday we decided to do a little shopping, our Family Room is VERY
small because last year we did some rearranging, and our kitchen table is
in there too. (made for more cabinet space in the kitchen)
ANYHOW so we rarely use our couch and chair and it was just big and cumbersome
......I always wanted an oversize chair and ottoman in the corner. So we looked and looked and
looked. We went to a resale shop and found something we liked it just
was too much for used. So we looked and looked some more. NOTHING
under $1,000 just didn't seem right for just a chair and ottoman. SO
we decide to go back to that resale shop to look one more time. GUESS was HALF PRICE!!!! And we noticed that trip that there
was an ottoman the same size. YEAH. So for half price we were able to
go to Hobby Lobby TOO and get some throw pillows to tie the 2
together.......they are different colors. BUT our family room is 2
colors of paint and it "just so happens" that the chair is the color
of one wall and the ottoman is the color of the other walls!!!!

Then we went to Sears and they had their kitchen wears 50% off. And I
was able to get new plates, bowls, and glasses...............well Happy Birthday to me!!!!


Brooke said...

I think the two colors add some nice variety and I love that the throw pillows are all different. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Friend. I am so thankful you are in my life. Praying for many more blessed years :)

A Stafford said...

God listens to even the smallest concerns! It looks great.... character and style too! Congrats on the bargain, and of course, Happy Birthday!

I join Brooke in being so thankful to be able to celebrate this year with you.

Emily McDonnell said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a good one! :)

CalvaryGirl said...

Happy belated Birthday!! That's so cool how the color scheme worked out too. God's so good with those little details, isn't he?

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