Wednesday, February 11, 2009

So what does the ticker mean?

That we are ready to start again :) We should be able to finalize #4's adoption in April or at least start that process. Then we have to have our home study updated. So by the summer we would like to be "in process" again!! YEAH!!!

From Where? That hasn't officially been decided lol! There is a little boy from year younger then #4. OR an African American newborn???

So we are saving.......and waiting for doors to open and close according to God's Will for our lives!!


Tisra said...

The Lord will make your path clear. Congratulations, again!

waiting for NOC for Dorothy

6KidMom said...

This is exciting stuff!! I look forward to reading about all the details. 8^)

russianindianmommy said...

Here's to the opening and closing of the right doors. Congratulations!


CalvaryGirl said...

This is so exciting!! You already had #4 when I 'found' you so it'll be fun to follow through on this process!

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