Sunday, March 15, 2009

How do you know?

Before we found #4 I looked at photo listing(s) and always wondered, "How do you know?". There are so many kids in need of homes. All ages, special needs, healthy, girls, boys ay ay ay! How do you know?

Then we got the WACAP photo album and again I wondered "how do you choose?" Then I saw her, she was THE ONLY one in there as far as I was concerned. She was it. Right there. Staring at me.

Think of it as looking at my kids. When you see them you see "Jennifer's Kids" not your own. Same thing for adopted kids. Ya see them. And somehow ya know!


A Stafford said...

Well said! I didn't even have a picture, birthdate or name, just a paragraph description and I knew she was my child.

Do you have the same feeling about #5?

CalvaryGirl said...

I'm glad I'm not crazy. I happened upon the foster website and thought like it felt a lot like "shopping", it was really weird. Until I found him. It was as if he'd been lost his whole life from us, and I found him. I just sat there and bawled. I just wish my hubby would warm up as quick as I did to the idea of adoption, but everything will happen in the Lord's perfect timing! Until then, I continue to pray for him each day until we're able to meet.