Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Moved in....

......and settled :) Yeah!!! It is so nice to have her back!!!!

Other then that we have been in the garden!! Enjoying the semi nice weather when we can :) We have the dirt in. We are just waiting for the weather to get spring like so we can plant! Our starters are out growing there cups lol!!!!

#4 continue to amaze us almost everyday. She is funny. She loves to have people laugh. Last night her and I chased each other around the table while we were growling at each other :) She seems more and more interested in animals. We have temporary custody of my sister's cat and she enjoys having a "meow meow" at the house. I don't think the cat feels the same way about her though.

Her new love is church. We pass by it occasionally while running errands and she screams "CHURCH CHURCH". So I think she likes it there lol!

Adoption #2.......we are waiting for 2 things to officially start: 1. we need to hit the 6 month mark of #4's Home coming. 2. we need the funds to come in to have the home study updated :)
His Timing. His will.


Tisra said...

And your agency is allowing you to keep him on hold while these things work out? That's awesome! God's perfect timing will prevail. For now, it makes me smile to hear of how #4 is growing and adjusting. I can't wait to have Dorothy in our home and watch her adjust and grow and make strides. But, as you say, His timing, His will.

waiting for NOC

Tisra said...

OH! And hooray for having family in state! My sister in law, and her family moved here last summer and it has been the BIGGEST blessing for us the past 9 months. Love it!!!

Brooke said...

Exciting stuff :) Don't forget about how God financed Nidhi's adoption. I am confident He will bring in all the necessary funds for kid #5- whoever that is. Although I am secretly hoping it is "I" since I got to play with him a lot in India :)