Tuesday, March 31, 2009

To answer a question.....

......no "he" is not technically on hold for us :( He is free for anyone interested.


One thing I DID learn with our first adoption is if he is "ours" he is ours and NO ONE can get to him with out God's permission :) We lost #4 3 times during our process. One family was to the point of having "on hold" papers being typed up. What happened I don't know but God held her for us and I am confident He will do the same for him.............if in fact I am correct in saying "he's ours" ;)
And if I am wrong.....we will find the son intended to be ours and I will be his prayer Mama forever!!!!


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Melinda said...

Hi Jennifer,
Could you email me when you get a chance and let me know what homestudy agency you are using. I think we emailed before. We live in the same area as you. My email is momtoo2girls@yahoo.com