Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Do not hold it against her that she has a Detroit Jersey on......that is her Grandpa 100% ;) Love ya Dad!

I'm thinking about fundraisers today?

Have you done one? Did it go well?

I've also consider becoming a Usborne Book Consultant and anything made would go straight to the adoption. Hmmm still thinking on that one :)

For #4's adoption we had a garage sale and raised about $1500. We got a small loan. The rest (for travel) was borrowed from WACAP. But that with the Promise Children Funding is gone. AND technically we still owe them that.

ANYHOW. I've tried. I've tried to convince myself that we are in fact not supposed to try to adopt "I"..........but I can't do it. I'm not ready to say he isn't ours. All of my feelings for him came rushing back after seeing THIS....
........I really think he is. We have one more month before we can officially adopt #4. So we are getting to the point to need the funds for the updated home study. Which is verbally approved :) One less thing to "worry" about.


Tisra said...

Did you check out the Affording International Adoption Facebook group? Many good tips/ideas.

seeing the Lord provide to bring Dorothy home

CalvaryGirl said...

I dunno, hon. Maybe the Lord is saying "wait" for a little while. Maybe get the money you owe to the other agencies paid off first? kwim? I'm at peace with the "waiting" answer right now, I believe the Lord's telling me to work on what I have right now, and in His right timing doors and hearts will be opened to #3. (((hugs))) just keep praying.

~*~ Wendy ~*~
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Jennifer said...

That does make sense Wendy :) We only owe a bit more to wacap the other is paid off.

My *issue* and it probably shouldn't be is ho old he is and how old he is getting and ho old he would be at homecoming IF we don't somehow hurry.
while I know that is silly to say in the same breath with God's Timing, God's Will :)

Brooke said...

I will get you those pictures this afternoon! Sorry it took so long. I do think you should pay off #4 before staring on #5. It doesn't mean you aren't supposed to adopt again, and God may bring in the funds quickly, but in the long run I think you would appreciate having one adoption paid for before incurring more debt. Just my 2 cents. I would by Usborne books from you!

A Stafford said...

I would also buy some books--not $20,000 worth though. :-)

I agree that the first adoption's debt should be history before incurring the second's. With our situation, I am interpreting the end of the Promise Child program to be a "wait" from the Lord. We have prayerfully considered our next move, and believe that He intends us to give our full attention to the needs of our 3 children and will lead us to know when it is right to go for #4.

I know that God is looking out for those waiting children---I'm not their only chance---- and His perfect timing will connect them with their intended parents.

If it is in His will, you will do it, Jennifer.

:)De said...

Jennifer, I have just recently suggested this to another blog buddy regarding the same situation... I googled and found this sight.

I was saying to Lisa that I would send a letter to every one on this list, even if it looks like you don't qualify. They can only say no. Put a Paypal button on your page too. God is so awesome and uses many avenues.


Regina said...

We did a fundraiser for our adoption. I LOVE candles so we did a Home Interior Candle Fundraiser. We had about 10 or so people help us with getting orders and my husband was absolutely wonderful as he filled up about 4 order forms at work. Our goal was to raise $3,000 as that was the Orphanage Rearing Fee at the time. God is so good, we raised $3,050.
I will not lie, there was work involved. Making sure the total order was correct, boxing up the orders, delivering all those candles, collecting all the money, but I will say that it was worth it to see the outpouring of support we received from people who didn't even know that we were adopting until they were asked to buy a candle.
I hope you find the fundraiser that is right for you. Think of something that you love and go from there. If it is something you can get excited about, then others will feel your excitement and become excited too.