Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A couple things.

I found a "New Friend".....she is just starting out on this crazy journey of an India Adoption!! So to my "Old Friends" let support another Mama getting her Little Indian Home!!!

Yesterday we were busy typing up our first post placement and getting our pictures to the store for development!!! I often wondered before what one looks like so I thought I'd share. Nothing there hasn't already been shared here :)

Progress and follow up report of
Children from foreign enlisted agency
(WACAP) through India’s diplomatic
Missions abroad

Family Report Number:
Date of Report: May 18, 2009

1. Child’s Indian Name:
Child’s Current Name:
Age of the Child: 4
Sex of the Child: Female

2. Date of Arrival in the United States: November 26, 2008

3. Name and Address of India Institution

Ashraya Children’s Home


4. Name of Court in India:

Petitions Number and Date: October 4, 2008 89/2008

5. Name and address of Adoptive Parents:

6. Date of Placement: November 19, 2008

7. Steps taken for Finalization of Adoption in the United States: We have contacted a lawyer in Chicago who will work with us. We hope to start in the next few weeks!

Date of Submission of the Court where the Case has been filed:

Date of Final Order of Adoption:

8. Details of the Child: Physical Welfare and Development

Weight on Arrival: Weight on Date of Report:
Height on Arrival: Height on Date of Report:

General Health of the Child: She is doing well health wise.
We are in contact with the Neurologist at The University of Chicago. She will be scheduled for an MRI in the near future!

Details of Health Status: So far all of her tests have come back clear. Her lead was a bit elevated and her Iron was low. She was tested today for her lead and iron again. Her iron was great (normal range) and her lead results will be back in a few days. But it was down the last time she was retested.

She still is napping in the afternoons, right about an hour and a half. In bed around 8 - 8:30 and up at 7. Usually she will sing to wake up her brothers and sister!

We still haven’t found much that she won’t eat. Sometimes when trying something new she will say “Ucky Poo” before she even tastes it. We will encourage her to try it just once. She will, and most of the time she will then take the plate and feed herself and tell us how “Mmm yummy” it is. Most days she will eat 3 meals and 2 or 3 snacks.

9. Child’s Mental Development

Intellectual Development:

Speech and language Development: She is talking up a storm. She talks some in complete (English) sentences. But even if she can’t she can get her point across!
We haven’t enrolled her in any sort of therapy but do have the numbers from our doctor if they are needed. So far she has done incredibly and we feel at this time it is not needed.

10. Details of Child’s Activities

She sits with us on a daily basis and has school. Mostly coloring and drawing. But today we started learning the letters and the sounds they make.

She is getting along with our pets and likes to take part in helping care for them. She likes to “read” to the dog.

She is completely potty trained. She initiated the process and is enjoying being a “big girl” now! She likes to go through her closet and pick out her clothes. She can for the most part get dressed. She LOVES clothes and doesn’t seem to mind shopping for them either!

She is still helpful around the house and always wants to be busy doing something. It is very common to find her with a small towel cleaning something! When we ask her what she is doing she responds “Cleaning Up” with a big smile on her face!

She knows come dinner time that it is almost time for Daddy to come home and she starts asking about him and his whereabouts. She is a Daddy’s Girl for sure!

She enjoys her Sunday School class and she looks forward to it every Sunday. She knows her friends and they know her. Everyone is always excited to see each other.

She LOVES to sing! Anything even a few made up songs. She is learning some kids songs and always wants her sibling to sing with her.

She still joys being outside. And it doesn’t seem to matter the temperature….she wants out! The sand box is growing on her, although it seems she doesn’t understand that it is ok to be dirty sometimes.

11. Other Comments, if Any, Including Comments of the Adoptive Parents: She is an absolute joy to have around. Almost always smiling and laughing. She definitely was a piece of our Family’s puzzle!

Signature of the Adoptive Father:


Signature of the Adoptive Mother:


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Brittnie said...

Hey there!
Thanks for the "friend" plug! I appreciate that. Looking forward to connecting with more adopting families in the blog world. It is such a great source of encouragement.

Loved the Post-placement report. What a praise!