Monday, May 18, 2009

#4 Health Update.

#4 went to the Health Dept today for her lead screening and to re check her iron. They want it to be at least 10 I *think* she said and #4 is a 15 YEAH!!!!!

We should have her lead results in 10-14 days.....but my Mommy Gut says it is still going down! She is still a skinny thing 18 months -2T around the waist but needed that 3T- 4T sometimes 5 in order for it to be long enough :)

Her head circumference is still tell ya how small.....her head the end of December is only 1 cm bigger then my 6 month old niece. But it is in proportion to the rest of her body so again my Mommy Gut says not to worry!

We are working with a neurologist at University of Chicago and she is recommending a MRI so that will be in her near future......this years deductible we are hoping for!!

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