Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fun Day Outside!

We took the kids hiking @ the state park. This picture was taken at the top looking down over the river. Next time we hike Ergo is GOING. We usually hike in TN at Thanksgiving.....oh I feel the stress of a toddler hiking again already lol!!

We have had the pack-n-play set up for my niece to sleep at our house and #4 has decided how much fun it is to sleep in there?!?!? It makes her sleep in a I let her! The other day she got up at about 5:30 AM found a "microphone" and was singing at the TOP of her lungs in her brothers room. She sleeps until at least 7 in the pack-n-play!!

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A Stafford said...

She looks like such a big kid in the close-up and then so precious and baby-like in the other. What a wonderful age when you can be both at the same time!