Thursday, May 14, 2009

Where we are with #5......

......we are expecting his file this week so we can share it with our doctor. :)

***Update: we got it and it is only 12 pages long :( He really hasn't been there for long. His "issue" is being delayed.......we will continue until the door closes on us!


Tisra said...

Our CSR for Dorothy was about 10 pages long and said essentially nothing. Requesting medical records was about as best as we could do. The rest just happened between us and the Holy Spirit. We knew she was ours. Her special need isn't a huge one, but she was a waiting child.

God will show you. I pray you'll feel confident in the clarity of His direction and also for this sweet boy and his future family (hopefully you guys!- you obviously have the love for him all ready to go!)

needing to work on patience for guardianship!

A Stafford said...

I think you probably know more about him and his development from having actually met him than the paper is going to convey. I remember seeing all those kids at Ashraya--especially ones that I had seen their records---and thinking that in person their needs seemed less hard to deal with than the vague paperwork indicated.

Praying for peace for you--knowing that #5 is entrusted into His care--and so are you!