Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Today some friends and I took our kiddos to the "beach". Now it wasn't a beach to my standards ;) Growing up in Florida a beach to me requires Salt Water........not much around here lol. A great time was had my all and I expect or am hoping for an early bed time tonight!

She was the easiest one to get pictures of.....she didn't go far :)


Brooke said...

Um. . . did she eat the sand? It looks like she decided to stick her entire face in the wet sand :) It looks like she had a blast!

A Stafford said...

Ha! It looks like she had the same amount of fun that Anju did at the lake. If there was sand instead of just rocks, I'm sure Anju's face would have looked the same.

Mallorie said...

Is this the Ohio river? I was in Evansville, IN and I think i saw this river. It borders IN & OH? Not sure. Im an East Coast kind of girl. I believe that a beach consists of Ocean, sand & endless miles of water. Middle america---they have a complete different concept =]