Monday, June 15, 2009


The duck almost drowned. Yep go ahead read it again I will wait. Drowned. I didn't think that could happen. I mean it's. a. duck.

But it was a pitiful sight when we got home from church last night. She got caught in the "pond" and couldn't get out. I would imagine she was struggling for quite a while. She was EXHAUSTED. She got to spend the night (with her friend) and sleep in a sweatshirt.
Just in case there was any question. Ducks belong OUTSIDE. STINKY. STINKY. STINKY.

But she is back to her playful self today. YEAH. Praise the Lord for resilient ducks.

Oreo (the rabbit) took a short vacation. Her choice. She was gone for a few days. But hopped her behind home yesterday AM. I hope she had a nice time. :)

We had quite a few animals prayers this weekend. All is well again. I think. I haven't been outside in a few hours LOL.


Tisra said...

oh gosh. Duck drowning? What has this world come to? :-)

Mallorie said...

Hope she didnt come back more then solo =]