Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Chicken Coop.

This post will bore most of you. Just the chicken coop plans. Skip it if ya want. It is for my Chicken 101 and Ducks R Us friends. LOL!!

This is the "back door".

This is the back door open.
The Chickens stay upstairs.
The Ducks stay downstairs and to the left.
The Bunny stays to the right with the Ducks.

Where the Chickens Roost.

The sides are a plastic chicken wire.
With the Welded wire on top.

Hubby put it on wheels so we can move it a bit easier.
We have found it helps with the smell.

This is the "Floor" in the run.
Because of the wheels it sits off the ground a bit.
This is also the place where I am the most concerned?
Just one layer of the Welded Wire Fence.

These are the locks on the door......
they are off my (current) windows.
We're getting new windows!

For my little Swimmers :)

This is where we can see that "something" was
trying to get in??

This piece they actually got off.

This is the Garden and you can see the coop and run :)

Can't have a post about the Coop
pictures of the girls!!
This is Mork and Dork.

These are all of my Feathered Babies!!

So far he lives with them. We realized we had more
Males then we thought......had to separate them!!
Don't want any babies here!!!!
He may end up leaving but so far they are all getting along.

Gettin' a Drink!

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