Tuesday, June 02, 2009


I'm getting yelled at for not blogging again....you know who you are ;) Leave me a comment (I accept anonymous ones too!) and I will KNOW you have been here.....maybe I'd blog more LOL! Love ya Girl!

Let's see what have we been up to. Busy just being outside. Lots of grass to mow. Weeds to pull. Plants to water. Bunnies to feed and water and play with. Speaking of we got 2 new bunnies :) Super cute and super sweet. That brings our total to 4. 3 girls (we hope because they are housed together) and 1 boy. Hmmm we gave our 2nd puppy back.....I forgot how much like kids puppy's are :( But he has since found a good home!

The past few weeks hubby has been talking about getting chickens. Well yesterday he had the day off and decided to whip up a chicken coop :) I will post pictures of that soon. The bunnies are feeling very jealous of what the future chickens will have so I am trying to convince him to make a bigger and better rabitat ;) So we are researching chickens.....hardy in the winter likes to lays lots-o-eggs kind of chickens :)

I know some of you are only here for #4 ;) So here is some about her. Yesterday I decided she needed some new gym shoes....I call them tennis shoes, hubby says "we don't play tennis in them".....anyhow we head to Wal Mart to get groceries and I pick her up a cheap $10 pair. She starts screaming (happy scream mind you) "FOR ME?". "MINE NEW SHOES?" Like I just bought her the Taj Mahal. It was really sweet. I mean why can't ALL kids feel so special when given their own pair of shoes?!?!?

Now before you go and think man they got LUCKY with this kid, she is a dream, she is an angel......let's talk about her new language development.
  • Shut Up
  • MINE!
  • Don't touch me!
  • Let me alone.
  • LET'S GO.......said with a crabby tone.
  • NO!
  • Go away.
Now some of that is linked directly to having brothers who think it is oh so humorous to hear a little person say "shut up".......some of it is toddlers are the same across the globe!!!! :)

The other thing she has started saying, "How do doing".....translated "How are you doing?" .......again that is brothers at least that time it was appropriate for little people to say!

I'm going to keep "talking" until my pictures upload.......taking forever on blogger today! Hmmm We had a blessing this past week. A bit of extra money on our monthly budget GO GOD!!!! Yeah! That will be a benefit when it comes time to formally start #5's adoption.

Speaking of. We were at the park last week and met up with a adoptive family. We read each others blogs :) How fun!!! But we were talking about finalizing adoptions and she recommended the lawyer she used and she is cheaper then the "cheap" one we found!!! Yeah GO GOD!!!! I'm thankful that was one of those days that I needed to get out of the house!!!

Here are some pics from the other night......she LOVES cookies and cream ice cream :)


Mallorie said...

I just love reading about the princess. She is to cute with her ice cream =]

Tisra said...

I'm laughing at the "whipped up a chicken coop" remark. Seriously- what a talented guy! My mother-in-law just got little chicks and can't wait to have eggs in a few months. We joked, though, because her outlay (having paid someone to build a coop) will require the consumption of 4300 eggs to recoup the costs. Regardless, it thrills her to pieces and is a little side hobby so it's worth it. :-)

Your little princess is gorgeous and growing!

waiting for guardianship

Brooke said...

I have always wanted chickens! Free eggs, ya know? Sounds like a great chore for the kids.

I was beginning to think you had a Disney adoption- you know, everything has been like a storybook (at least that you tell). Glad to see you have a normal 4 year old on your hands. Hee hee :)

Mrs. Mark Arni said...

We raise Buckeye chickens. The breed is a heritage breed that was developed by an Ohio woman to be both good for meat and eggs. They are also very cold tolerant, being bred to stand Ohio winters. Buckeyes lay brown eggs. E-mail me for more details if you are interested.


Chris in Ohio