Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Spring has Sprung Round Here.

Our Little Garden.

The "Whipped up" Chicken Coop.

Inside the Chicken Coop....we figure we will start with we have 8 "beds".

Our Newest Bunny...
Checking out the Chicken Coop.......

The Bunny House

Oreo - #1's Bunny
Align Center

Rocky - #2's Bunny

I can't believe I forgot to take a picture of #3's Bunny :(
His name is Sunny.

Apollo - #4's Bunny

The Green Houses....for our seedlings.

The Guy who makes it all possible :)

And just because she is cute :)


whenpigsfly said...

I like your farm!! Does your farm have a name? We had tri-colored animals (dogs, cats ,rabbits)in greater abundance than any other color configuration when we set up our little home stead farm, so Charlie chose "Calico Acres Farm".
We have expanded tremendously, but calico animals are still the favorites be they goats, pigs, chickens, horses, on and on!!!

A Stafford said...

Jeepers! I'm impressed! Take it from a girl whose husband got a hammer as a joke for our wedding (because he would have no idea what to do with it besides hang a picture on the wall--no, I did all that too) that you are very blessed to have a handy man around! Hopefully he's teaching all the kids to be handy too!

Yes, she is sooooo cute!

Elaine said...

Incredible garden AND chicken coop!
Wow, you guys are really getting into the 'farm life.'
That is GREAT. Happy playing, working, and enjoying the harvests!

Mallorie said...

Wow you and hubby really make the garden look like something from a nursery! Sooo cute. I love the bunnies too.