Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Answers to the Quiz!

Favorite Board Game - B - Monopoly ......Life takes a very close second!
Middle Name - A - Sue .......my Mom had my name picked out in High School.......my Dad got to name my sister lol!
What attracted me to my Husband - D - Feet .....I wanted to pass down "cute feet genes" to my kids and he had them! One reason why maybe high school girls should not be looking for a husband ;) In my defense I ALSO thought he would be a great Dad for some reason! God is Good and I was right!!!
Growing up how many kids did I want - A - 2 Boys and 1 Girl ......and the girl to be in the middle! I was very specific :)
Favorite School Subject - C - History ......specifically the Civil war to WW2!
Nickname growing up - B - Cockroach ......my Dad so lovingly called me that.....I'll have to ask why?
I would love to be a -D - Midwife for a day ......helping to bring a little life into the world HAS to be one of the coolest things to be a part of!
Scared of - C - Dark .....I can scare my self silly!! Especially if hubby is gone!!!
When did I fall for hubby? - C - At Church Camp .......He was sleeping on top of the luggage! I will never forget how he looked........I kept the sweatshirt he was wearing up there! From that day forward I wanted to marry him!
I would love to have - A - Giraffe as a pet. ........first because they are not meat eaters lol!! 2nd how cool would it be for them to come see you at your second story window!!! They are just too cute!!!!

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J said...

That was fun to learn more about you! Hope your new school year goes well. I'm enjoying your blog:)
~Julie Stamm