Monday, July 06, 2009


I am uploading the pictures from this weekend.......while I am researching some different home school curriculum!!

  • Landmark Baptist
  • Switched on School House
  • LifePacs
Anyone use any of those????


Brooke said...

Ok, Life Pacs are workbook style and the benefit would be that your kids can work at their own pace- fast or slow :) They aren't terribly exciting, but some people love workbooks! These are consumable so you would need to buy for each kid.

Switched on School House cannot be resold, so you have to know that going into it. You could use it with your other kids though. I looked through a middle school level program and thought it was decent. Very little parent interaction required.

Don't know about the other one :)

Hope that helps!

Regina said...

We are using a lot of SOS this coming year. I am so looking forward to it.
Good luck with your research!!

Tammy said...

We use Landmark! It's a good, solid, Bible-based (KJV) curriculum developed by IFB's. Instruction is included in the student workbooks, so no teacher's manuals to buy. The reading program centers around old-fashioned McGuffey Readers, which we love.

We started using it while we were on furlough b/c it is streamlined, easy to use, travels well. But we continue to use it here in Guatemala.

Note: It's not as flashy and fancy as, say, A Beka, but it's not as plain as Rod & Staff, either.

I hope you find what you're looking for! :o)