Thursday, July 02, 2009

Beach Again.

Daddy decided he wanted to go see what the hoopla was all about at the beach :)
Actually he remembered going there as a kid and said we were not going to the "right place"
IF there were not some BIG dunes.
So he took us to the right place.

The Dog was not feeling it!

She went swimming this time......this is how she warmed up ;)
She sat in there for a good 15 minutes.

The dog wasn't feeling this either!

#2 and Puppy.

Another Buried Shot.

This is what he remembered doing at the Dunes.
That was probably a good 20 years ago.
This time I think it was a bit painful ;)

Daddy is on the Left.
#3 is on the Middle.
#4 is on the Right.

A beautiful evening at the Dunes.


Mallorie said...

cute cute photos. youll have to come to MD and visit, so i can show you a real beach =]

Nichole said...

You will have to give me directions im sure my kids would have fun. I would like to do something like that soon.