Friday, August 28, 2009


THANKS to Jill for making be a button...or is it a badge....not sure but I LIKE it!!!!

Anyhow just thinking about doing this every week or maybe two. Something I can look back at and see if we were able to accomplish them ;)

Last Weeks Goals: I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HAPPEN TO THE NUMBERS but I'm not going to try and fix them :)

  1. Push the water this week. We have fallen completely outta the habit of drinking enough! We did so well with this we are thinking we need to do something better then buying the I don't want to carry them what 4 times before they hit the house ;) Working on it!
  1. Push the fruits and veggies. I only bought a few "snacks". So fruits = snacks this week! Went well! I love that my kids are open to this! We had to issues with this in the least!
  2. 30 Minutes of Exercise per person. That is less for the kids and more for Momma ;) I'm just a looser LOL.....why can't I find 30 Minutes?!??!?
  1. Pick one Room/Area a Day and Deep clean like it's spring clean it!
  • Monday: Master Bedroom and Closet
  • Tuesday: Kitchen
  • Wednesday: Bathroom
  • Thursday: Family Room/Office
  • Friday: Kid's Rooms and Closet......Kids did their rooms while I did closets! We are shopping on Monday for any items needed for Fall/Winter and I needed to know what we actually needed!
......I will do this again this week....I didn't get quite as DEEP as I wanted too LOL!!!!
  1. Be thankful EVERYDAY!!! I will live like Philippians 4:11 & 1 Timothy 6:8 are my life verses! Keepin' it real.....I struggle in this area!
  2. I WILL stop waiting for that next thing to make me the mean time I am missing what I do have! Better......probably on going!
  3. I will tell my Husband and my children that I Love Them everyday at a time other then Bed Time :) Better....but like exercise I get to the end of the day and wonder "where did my day go?"

Goals for next week!

  1. Shop on Monday and ONLY get what we need ;)
  2. Deep Clean the Kitchen....inside the cabinets and Pantry!
  3. .......hard for me........cut back on the computer!
  4. Get back into the habit of the Kids listening to the Bible on CD and following along!
  5. Keeping up with what we accomplished this week!

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One Big Fat Sugar Mama said...

I love your list. I can relate to ALL of those things. I love Deep cleaning everyone's home but my own LOL. Wish we could trade houses for the day.