Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Busy Time of Year :)

PJ Academy is in full swing again!! #1 is in 6th grade this year, #2 & #3 are in 5th and #4 is doing some K-4 work :) So far so good LOL! Looking forward to some good field trips this year! Hint Hint Brooke ;)
  • #1 is using LifePacs
  • #2 & #3 are using a combination of aBeka, BJU Press and Saxon
  • #4 is using aBeka
  • LOTS of Library Books
  • Spelling Power for everyone MINUS #4 she's smart but not spelling yet ;)
We have a few more things to can out in that garden of ours. And some rebellious tomatoes that refuse to redden up :) Don't they know I want to can some spaghetti and pizza sauce!!

#4 and I went hit our local thrift stores on Monday.....what fun with just one kid you can slap on your back and go...go...go...go!! She just laid there a few times she told me she was tired and laid her head down and "rested". So fun!!! She told me that she "needed" new shoes and a new dress LOL!!! Such a girly girl it's hilarious!!

My Husband has decided that he wants to try out Scuba Diving :) Let's just say that will be a "Boy" Thing in our house hold. I have a fear of getting lost in the water. AND I can scare myself in a pool LOL!!! So anyhow he has been pricing all of the gear. WOW oh WOW! But look what I found on Monday! It was $16.....AND HALF OFF ON Monday's!!! WOOHOOO!!! He was pretyy excited too!!!

And really WHO told these kids they could grow up?? We decided to play photo studio for a bit yesterday!! Going to go out again today with an outfit change :)

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Brooke said...

Would those be bright new school shoes? I was waiting for the post about hubby complaining about your school year clothing/shoe purchases :)

They look great!

Hint taken. Where do you want to go?