Sunday, September 06, 2009

Just so you know :)

I just feel the need to clarify about my post the other day about "I".

I had one of those days at church where I felt like everyone was "talking" about me :)

Sunday School: Joseph and how long he had to wait from being sold to saving his family from the famine. Our time line is NOT God's!

Sunday Morning Service was about how important it is to find God's Will. Not to make our plans THEN 1. ask God to bless them or 2. not even ask Him.

Afternoon Sunday School: The children of Israel wanted a King soooo badly and God finally granted that request only because they wanted it so badly but it wasn't His Will. It is important for us that we aren't begging God for something He doesn't want to give us!

So I feel the need to clarify that we at this point feel it is God's will for him to come here and be a part of our family. Until God closes that door that is the path we are on :)

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