Friday, September 18, 2009

Post #700.

This blog started what feels like 10 years ago at stage 1 of an adoption journey.......the dreaming part. September 16, 2006......

And here we are at post 700 so almost, ALMOST done.

Yes friends almost. We had court yesterday. The first of 2 court dates to adopt this child living with us for just under a year. I thought that day would be a nice day instead it turned into some frustration when I learned what the day actually meant. I mean I thought it was *adoption* day....ya know YEAH kind of stuff!!!!!!

When in all actuality it was just our request to the court systems to keep her......from what I can gather. So now the judge needs something from our home study agency. A cross between the home study and the post placements. URGH.

#4 being Served with Papers by the Sheriff. the only really time I could take pictures.
She had NO IDEA what was going this is what we get :)

We, and by we I mean just the lawyer, has court on the 15th. We should hear something a few days after that. THEN her papers will go to the State Capital to issue a birth certificate. Then we get that and will apply for a US Passport for her. THEN we will take the New Birth Certificate and the Passport to apply for her SSN :)

So basically we will get a month or 2 between adoption paperwork ;) WOO HOO!!!!

Here is everyone wandering around looking for the Indian restaurant VZ Navigator said was around BUT no luck!!!
Ah well, we'll hit one when it's good and FINAL!!!!!

Court was during nap time ;)
Praise the Lord she was in good spirits though!

ETA: Did the judge ask you questions about your desire to adopt her?

Yes, he asked how it was going, how she was adjusting, he asked briefly about travel, where the kids went to school, what grades they were in. Where James worked. What else I did besides home school the kids ;)

Nothing Major.....oh yea he asked why we have 2 L's in her name LOL!! So I had to not look OCD and tell him all 4 of the kids names are spelled with 7 letters sooooo........we had to add an L ;)


A Stafford said...

So sorry you had a disappointing day. It's so interesting how each state does it so differently. I had never heard of 2 court appearances and you not even being at the second one. Did the judge ask you questions about your desire to adopt her?

Looking forward to the end of all this paperwork soon. We've got the adoption decree, but are waiting for the bc to come so we can likewise apply for the passport then apply for the ss card.

Praying for you!

Brooke said...

Oh, Jennifer! That sounds like a hassle and disappointment. So sorry. Well, at least you are almost there! Think back about where you were a year ago. . . frantic e-mails back and forth, mountains of paperwork, tearful days because we didn't know if we were EVER going to travel! Look how far we have come. Hang in there!

Anonymous said...

That picture of the family from behind is a beautiful picture. Dad carrying his baby, holding his son's hand. Everyone in the family on the same page, so to speak.