Thursday, October 29, 2009

Parma, Emilia-Romagna

Sometimes you get a random hits on your blog and think it must just be an accident. But Parma, Emilia-Romagna has hit more then once and I have notice them on other blogs I read :)

Who are you? Will you leave me a comment??? How did you find us? Are you an adoptive Parent?? Home School Family?

AHHH I "know" you now that I see your name :) You know you can set your blog to private ;) Let me know if you need any help setting that up..........of course if you decide too!!!!! THANK You for leaving us a comment!!!!!!!!

Hi Jamie!!!! I remember you too!!! How are the kiddos? Is the new little one here? I assume so and a few months old too!!! I still have emails from you (in her LifeBook)'ll be forever in our thoughts and we read through your emails and see the pictures your Hubby took for us!!!!

So that make me wonder......who else is "here" :)


Anonymous said...

Can you see I'm blushing while I'm writing... ?? :-)
Yes! I'm an adoptive mum from Italy and my boy comes from Ashraya, too. We brought him hom on March 2008 when he was 7 and a half. I believe we've written to each other through the Asyraha mailing list (or maybe it wasn't you..). I love reading about the progess your little daugher is making because I found so much of my boy in her. I'd love to write a blog on Anil too, but my husband doesn't trust the net and doesn't want me to put picture of him. (But I can mail you some, if you care to see him...). I hope this explain the mistery. And excuse me for not introduce myself sooner... Giuliana (from Mirandola, Modena)

Brooke said...

Giuliana provided much insight prior to our travels to Ashraya. She offered great advice and a superb shopping layout :) However, I didn't realize Parma was Giuliana

Brooke said...

And another thing. . . Giuliana, I wish that you would start a blog (even without pictures). I think it is really important for Ashraya kids to stay connected (and their parents too). Let me know if you do start one, as I would be an avid follower.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brooke! Yes, I also follow your blog with much interest... :-)
Parma isn't very close to Mirandola, actually. I really don't know why they use that town to identify me...
As for the blog: I'll think about it, I promise! Giuliana

A Stafford said...

Ah, yes...I recognize that name too! Giuliana, I would also follow your blog if you started one. I would love to hear how he has adjusted to your family, and what life is like in another part of the world, too!

Anju's Ashraya "cousins" are important to our family and will be important to her as she grows up too. In the absense of a (known) birth family, her Ashraya friends are in a way her first family to us. Just a thought.

Also, it seems they put the town of the visitor to a blog as the town of the server that your computer uses for that visit. At different times it's said that I'm from 3 or 4 different towns (none of which are my town) because that's where the internet hubs are in my area. Hope that made sense.

Anonymous said...

Hi all! I am an Ashraya mom too. I have emailed back and forth to some of you in the past. I don't have a blog of my own, but I like to keep up with yours! My daughter Manjushri came home about a year and a half ago. I think it will be important to her when she is older to know where some of her Ashraya friends are. My son (who is a little older) is starting to write letters to one of his orphanage friends, and he loves it! It is definitely a special connection for him. Jamie

Anonymous said...

I am Leveta.A Mom to a bio son Chad 17,and 2 children from India through Dillon International--Sam is 13 and Kaitrin is 10.I am reading your blog through Pam.I love it and just took down the recipe for the pumpkin latte.One of my favorite things about this time of the year.

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