Monday, November 02, 2009

I feel like we have a busy week ahead of us :)
  • Type up and send One Year Post Placement Report.
  • Puppy to Vet for Follow Up Visit.
  • Remind James to take Monday off for Anakin's Surgery.
  • Get a Plan in Place for Christmas Card Pictures :)
  • Get a Plan together for Christmas Cards.
  • Figure out what is still needed for Christmas.
  • Get to gettin' with the Christmas Shopping!
  • Pick some apples if I haven't missed my Window of Opportunity.
  • Can some applesauce.
  • Get a Menu and Grocery List done!!
  • Get Bday Present for SIL.
  • Get Bday Present for Niece.
  • Squeeze School in there somewhere ;)
  • Eye appointment for #1.

Here is the Beast :)

His Before the ear Crop Surgery Picture!

1 comment:

Brooke said...

I am never able to successfully achieve the balance between life, work, kids, and school. Sounds like you have a good plan for the week.