Saturday, November 28, 2009


....and maybe others wondered but didn't ask. De asked what the cup was on Anakin's Head.

Weeeellllll a Doberman's ears do not naturally stand up. They have floppy ears. They actually have surgery to have their ears cropped. The "cup" is to help keep their ears in place while they have stitches :) Once the stitches are out you tape them to a stick of some sort to train them to stand.

**Before PETA tells me how awful it is ;) Hubby's Dog. Hubby's Decision. Personally I wouldn't have had it done.

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:)De said...

Thanks Jennifer,

About an hour after I posted the question I was talking to a friend about her wanting to get a new puppy and she talked about "cropping" ears and it just kinda clicked for me. LOL! I guess it's like bobbing our rott's tail.