Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Heart.

Why can't I just keep a happy heart? I guess because I am Human. But I don't want to be. I want to be so in the Spirit that I am not "just" Human. I want to be up in the good times and the bad. God is just as Faithful in the downs as He is in the ups.

We had one of THOSE weeks. Where the Valley seems so low. Where we meet a Brick Wall. Where there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel. Where God seems SOOOO Far away.

Then the my Mood goes straight down in the dumps. Grrr. I hate that. So what are you to do? Listen to old sermons ;) I love our Pastor. He is so right on. No beating around the bush. Just tells ya how it is & how it should be!! And when I changed my poor pitiful me mood. He came in and saved the day!!

I am soooo thankful that He is still in the Moving Mountains Business!!!!!! He has blessed and blessed and blessed this week. I am Humbled by His goodness. By the generosity of others. By the Anonymous Person who set that Christmas Card with that amount of Money ;) By Family that is always there. By Friends who when they find out the hard time you are having, don't judge and lend you a shoulder to cry on.

I am thankful this Black Friday for all of the empty bags from the store.
That I was physically able to stand in the lines.
That my kids will be SO excited Christmas morning!!!
That at the 3rd store I tried I was FINALLY able to find my Puppy a new bed ;)
For the leftovers......because we had SO MUCH food yesterday.
That when my Husband said the "Good Times and Bad" he meant it.
For my Kids and their health.
For their loving attitudes.
For their caring spirits.
For their giving spirits.
A Final Adoption.
Still Looking like we can start for #5 @ Tax Season!
For my Dogs just cause they are so cute ;)

So I don't have a brand new car. So my kids didn't get the newest electronic game. We are warm, full, we have shoes, we have clothing, we have the best family, we have the best church family, the best Pastor, a free Country, Service Men who are willing to miss the Holidays for us. For our Country ........We are BLESSED beyond measure!!!

I'm decorate the tree with my Wonderful Family!!!!!!!

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Lalena said...

Somedays we lose sight of all that we are blessed with and then are reminded. I'm glad you have your smile back and I love that song. I often ask myself "Who Am I?" and this song reminds me. Have a good weekend!