Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Home Binder.

That is what I am working on today. Basically it's my "brain" lol!! Here and Here are great examples of one!

Just sharing some printables if any one else is in need of brain on paper :)

Home Management Binder Info

Master To Do List

Daily To Do

Weekly Menu Plan

Shopping List

Address List

Daily & Weekly Planners

Pay Day Planner

Prayer Journal

Blank Chore Chart

Cleaning Schedule and Projects tweaked to work for us :)

Master Schedule again tweaked a bit......had to retype in Word!

Monthly Menu Ideas. Another. Another. ......none of them are mine just some idea sharing!

Maybe if I put the Omega 3's on the list ~ they'd get done ;) Be Blessed!!!


Kelly said...

Thanks for sharing your printables! When I think about doing a binder I wonder "why"? So needless to say I haven't. I did ask DH if something like it that explained what I do and where to find important stuff if I'm not around and he does want something like that. Guess I better put it on the list, huh?

Rachel said...

I abosolutely love my home binder. I'm still trying to "tweak" it to the perfect setup for us but it's a lifesaver! I call it "my brain" too. :) Mine is most like the system that FlyLady suggests (google FlyLady if you've not heard of her - I LOVE FlyLady!). It is so nice to have everything in one place and to be able to grab it and go if I need to.

Melody said...

Thanks for linking to my site and printables! That was so sweet of you.

It's been fut to poke around your blog a little. It looks like we have quite a bit in common.

Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say thanks!