Thursday, March 25, 2010


Just thought I'd continue sharing as I learn :) Next on our list is cutting processed foods out :)

2 Books that interest me.....HERE and HERE

And a Web Site pack full of info!!


Kelly said...

I've read the first one and enjoyed it, but not enough to buy. The second one is on my bookshelf! I love the section on trees and how many you can grow in a small area!

We're rducing processed foods too. I rarely buy them anymore, but we are still hooked on fast food. Working on that too...

Brooke said...

I saw your progress on Facebook and was going to comment but got busy. I guess we are both spending more time in the kitchen these days cooking everything from scratch! We will get there, and our families will be better for it!

Jeff and Leslie said...

There's a real satisfaction that goes along with creating dishes from scratch. Not only knowing for sure what's in your food, but the creative possibilities are endless!

I just can't wait until the Farmer's Markets open back up here. Store produce is terrible right now :-(

If you're on Facebook, look me up!

Elaine McD. said...

Let me know if you get the second book and like you think the library carries it or is it BRAND new?
Interesting....I have several quarter acres, soooo, I'm just thinkin' ..... hmmmm.