Monday, March 15, 2010

Menu Plan Monday :)

One goal for myself is to grocery shop every 2 weeks. So I will gradually be adding more and more to the "Menu"......just so you don't think we are eating more in a week LOL!!


Home Made Pancakes.
Home Made Waffles.
Carrot Bars (w/ Cream Cheese Frosting)
Home Made Yogurt

Home Made Syrup


Mostly Leftovers.
Sandwiches as a back up.

- Sloppy Joes - Home Made Fries - Veggie
- Meat Ball Meatloaf - Mashed Tators - Veggie
- Spaghetti - Garlic Bread
- Home Made Mac & Cheese
- Stromboli .....chicken pot pie "fillings" :)
...........the "dough"
- Tacos
- Country Fried Steak.
- Cheesy Salsa and Chicken Skillet
- Pizza Soup & Home Made Wheat Bread

Next Weeks Goal: More Vegan Meals.

1 comment:

Kelly said...

I do my shopping and planning on Monday too and never thought to call it Menu Plan Monday-I'm gonna steal the name. I'll give you two of mine for laundry in exchange-haha. Towel Tuesdays and Sheet Saturdays.

How come you are going with more vegan meals?