Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Why Vegan?

Just feel like it is the next step in healthy for us :) We can either go broke with organic meat OR cut the bulk if the meat out! The more I read about health the more I am told that we eat WAY too much meat anyhow (generically speaking as Americans). It was common not that long ago that meat was only eaten on Sunday's or Special Occasions. Now meat is the main dish.

Having chickens I can tell you that the chicken in the store is NOT what God intended for us :) Our chicken even "plumped up" for winter are little creatures!!

Next on the list :)


Kelly said...

I agree that the meat we get comercially isn't healthy, but we've chosen to raise our own rather than cut it out. We like our meat too much. I also think meat grown the way God intended is actually healthier for us than not eating meat. I understand it being a personal choice and hope the government will stay out of it so you can I can choose what's best for our families!

Brooke said...

King Corn is on my list as well. Today, I found a book called The Seed Conspiracy. Same ideas. . . people are genetically altering food (thinking they are improving on what God made). Girl, we are on the same page! You mentioned menu plans. . . um, I don't have any :) The kids are literally eating veggies and lentils, or quiona. You should check out the quiona- it is a complete protien (takes the place of meat), is super cheap sold by the pound, and tastes like tiny pasta. If you run across any other books or movies. . . let me know!