Monday, March 08, 2010

A New Week :)

  1. It's Clean out the Pantry/Freezer instead of grocery shop week :)
  2. Clean Mom/Dad Closet
  3. Clean/Organize Kid Closet
  4. Figure out what Kid's Need (shopping next Monday)
  5. Titus & Jedi to the Vet. 7:30 am Appt on Friday!
  6. While @ Vet ....get Anakin's Heart worm Preventive! Found some so, not needed this month!
  7. Make next week's Menu & Grocery Lists.....Hubby is gonna take me to the Whole Food Market .....WOOT WOOT!!!!!! List going strong!! That store is about an hour it won't be made very often :)
  8. Defrost Deep Freeze before grocery shopping ;)
  9. Schedule #1's....12 Yr Pictures!
  10. Schedule #4's......5 Yr Pictures!
  11. Schedule some Family Pics Got 9-11 Scheduled and threw in #2&#3's 11 Yr Pictures!!
  12. Prep for Friday's Company. Sickies :( BOO....maybe next week!
  13. Empty Boys room in preparation for Spring cLeAnInG & rearranging!!!!!!!
  14. Baskets for the Boys Shelves.
  15. Figure what the Hubster and I need for spring clothing :) Not much Praise the Lord!
  16. Start the Sunflowers & Morning Glories.
  17. Get a place for the Chicks to live till they can go outside!
  18. Pull the boxes down of the next size clothing for the kiddos.
  19. Volunteer @ the Food Bank on Thursday. Changed to NEXT Thursday.....YEAH I "gained" a day to get my list accomplished!!!! THANKS Amy!
  20. Set aside 3-4 hours to get the van fixed! Dropping it off on Monday YEAH!!!!!
  21. Get some pictures developed.
  22. Trip to Hobby Lobby :)
  23. Catch up these scrapbooks.
  24. ETA: Get some triple bunk bed plans rolling around Hubby's Head :)
  25. Still get school and "normal" life accomplished too!
  26. #1 & #3 Eye Appt.


Kelly said...

That's quite a list! You can do all that in one week?

Aaron Tague said...

That is some list!!! I don't know how you eat or sleep....

A Stafford said...

And people wonder what "moms" do all week!

Brett and Amy said...

Just an FYI, food bank is NEXT Thursday due to Yard Mart. I know, it messed my week up too!! =)

Trina Sigstad said...

I can do all the pics! It will just have to be after spring break:) We can do them all at once if you would like:) 12 year old, 5 year old and fam!