Saturday, March 06, 2010

One of Those Kind of Days :)

When you are cooking dinner go to get the butter out (to let it soften up a bit for homemade bread that you made for dinner). Decide to clean out the fridge instead forgetting ALL about the butter :)


Cleaning your room. Have to go "potty" walk through the laundry to get there. Decide to do laundry and clean up that room a bit. NOW you really need to go potty. Forgetting ALL about your own room that you starting cleaning in the first place till you go to bed realizing it is kinda messy.


When you walk to the pantry MULTIPLE times each time forgetting why you even opened the door. But figured you'd straighten it up a bit since you were there anyhow!


You call your friend to chat and your husband answers.......and der "sorry Honey I didn't mean to call you!"

Nah me either......those were just examples ;)

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