Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bananas Work For Me :)

We have been hittin' up Trader Joe's for their produce :)
LOVE LOVE LOVE Trader Joe's!!!

We started out getting just 3 bunches and having them hang on banana hangers.
Well this gang of mine LOVES Bananas.....
And 3 bunches just wasn't enough.
So hubby had an idea to buy hooks and put them on our shelves!!
I'd say it works for us!!
That is TWO rows of them on Monday.

Last night I had to go back to the store to refill our hangers!
Ay Ay Ay!!! But it's a cheap snack!!


Kelly said...

I prefer my bananas slightly green and firm, so we have to make frequent trips to buy them. I wish we had a TJ in our area!

A Stafford said...

You are so blessed! Not only to have stores like that to go to, but a husband smart enough to not only come up with an idea like that, but also smart enough to know how to DO it! (And motivated enough to follow through.)

Bananas are quick to go in this house too. My daughter asked why I haven't made banana bread in awhile---they eat them too quickly!!