Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A New Class at PJ Academy.

........every, okay almost every, Monday I write our "Goals for the Week". I'm thinking about a class at PJ this week.

It will be on "Things to do or in some cases NOT do in the bathroom"........ to be covered:

  1. It will not hurt you to actually flush the potty every time.
  2. If you take it off in there, pick it up. Put it in the dirty clothes. I have conveniently placed a hamper for you on the way to the family room, it's in the laundry room if there is any question!!
  3. If you use the last of the TP. Put a new roll on. In case you don't know there is TP under the bathroom sink. You don't even have to go far. And stop using the excuse that ONE time there was no TP. I am human and have run out ONE stinkin' time. ONE!
  4. Every time you dry your hands, you do NOT need a new full size bathroom towel. You are just a little person.
  5. If the shower curtain is not in the tub correctly and you flood the bathroom, PLEASE just grab a towel and wipe it up. I HATE wet socks. And you seem to have no problem using a full size towel at other times :)
  6. Please do not put things behind the toilet. I don't like finding icky surprises back there!
  7. Please rinse ALL of the toothpaste off of your toothbrush before putting it back in the drawer.
  8. If you use the last of the Shampoo/Conditioner/Body Wash/Soap PLEASE throw it away. Nothing like getting in the shower and realizing all the bottles are empty.
  9. If you are asked to get the garbage out of the bathroom, please get all of the stuff next to it that didn't fit in the can in the first place. ie the bottles from when I cleaned out the tub.
  10. I hope this goes with out saying but please don't ever, ever pee in the tub.

There will also be a bonus class for the cats of the house:

  1. PLEASE STOP UNROLLING MY TP. PLEASE! I know it may look fun, but afraid you may be evicted for it in the future!

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Brooke said...

That is absolutely hilarious! I am feeling a "part two" coming on over on my blog. I found myself amening to most of the listed subjects :)

Funny stuff!