Tuesday, April 20, 2010

15 weeks Done!

  1. 33 Pounds Down.....not quite up to "Goal" but I'll take it :)
  2. Finally pulled out the Kate Spade!
  3. Made it through all 3 levels of the 30 Day Shred.
  4. Moved up from just walking to walking AND some jogging on the tread mill.
  5. Shaved 2 more minutes off tread mill time. (Walking/Running 2 Miles)
  6. Totally revamped the way we eat. (Switching to Vegetarian)

I have noticed: Does it have to do with the changes?? Who knows. Just what I have noticed :)
  1. No allergies this spring.....and I put my face in a blooming tree :)
  2. No seasonal Depression. Wasn't bad.....more like the blues. But it never hit this year. Maybe I was too busy with 4 kids and an adoption on the brain!
  3. When I started exercising my ankle did some "moving" so I wore a brace. I tried last week with out it and it didn't move anymore :)

1 comment:

A Stafford said...

Not too shabby!

How are the kids adjusting to the menu changes? I've been experimenting on myself with using almond and coconut milks instead of dairy to see if my allergies/eczema improves. My skin seems to be reacting positively so far (only a week into it), but not sure about the nose/sinus area yet. All I know is this French Vanilla coconut milk creamer is YUMMY in my coffee! (And no HFCS.)