Monday, April 19, 2010

This Week!

  1. Dressers. What happened in there I do not know. But it is a MESS!!
  2. My Room. Like Move furniture kind of clean it :)
  3. Empty Girls Room.
  4. Empty Boys Room.
  5. Paint Rooms.
  6. Fill "New" Girls Room....done but not painted.
  7. Fill "New" Boys Room.......done but not painted.
  8. Develop India Pictures.
  9. Scrapbook India. Leaving me close to 18 Months Behind!!!
  10. Make a Menu/Grocery List together based on the Freezer and Pantry Contents!
  11. Remember that Farmer's Market opens on Saturday!!!
  12. Return the Library Books before the Sheriff comes looking for me!
  13. Finish planting the garden!
  14. Pick up #1's New Hamster!


Brooke said...

If you get even one or two of those things done this week, I would say that you are doing well :) It is good to set lofty goals!

A Stafford said...

Your kids must be brilliant students, because you accomplish much more than I do in a week and I've only got one at home with me during the day!