Monday, May 03, 2010


I'm cheating today :) I want to blog. But don't want to write out a "Menu Plan Monday" or "Goals for the Week" Sadly they both look pretty similar to before LOL!!!
So I saw this over on another blog and stole it. It will just have to do for today :)

Hair – red

Your Mother – gone

Your Father – cpa

Car -- minivan

Dream Last Night – sleepless

Fav Drink – Tea

What room are you in? – kitchen

Hobby – scrapbooking

Fear – husbandless

Where were you last night? – bed

Something that you aren’t – organized

Muffins – blueberry

Wish List Item – juicer

Where you grew up – Florida

What you are wearing – workout

Your Pet – dog

Best Friend – loyal

Something you’re not wearing – makeup

Fav Store – Target

Fav Color – blue

Last time you laughed – ???

Place you love to go over and over – Hobby Lobby

Person who you email regularly – praisemoms

Fav Place to Eat – home


Our Journey said...

I like these because you learn the little things about people. It's sad that you can't remember the last time you laughed girl! Go make it happen! :-)

Aaron Tague said...

I agree with "Our Journey!" I learn something new everyday :)

Suzanne said...

Hi! Wondering if there's any new developments on your latest adoption. I've been enjoying your blog. Your family is lovely.