Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Next Week!

Bible Study – I have been slacking here again :( Still working on the New Testament, behind but I can't still get it done! Also would like to include Psalms and Proverbs into my goal for 2010!!

Memory Verse – Kids are working on Psalms 119! Maybe I will join them!

Husband Encouragement -
  1. Work on our Dave Ramsey "envelopes"
  2. Get up with him a few mornings......this is one thing we don't have in common! He is a morning person and I am a night owl!!!

Train Them Up -
School like it's May and we are weeks behind ;) Dern nice weather LOL!!!

Personal Goals -
  1. Bible Reading
  2. Weight Loss

MUST Do’s -
I got an email from wacap wondering if we were working on our parenting resource plan HA! I guess that is #1 on the list!!

Zone -
MY bedroom!!!

Menu Plan -
Will be up on Monday!
Dessert of the week - sugar cookies

  1. Kids want some park time.
  2. Sister over for dinner.
  3. Weed Pulling........that is "fun" right ;)
  4. Pizza and Movie Night.
  5. Let the kids pick dinner one night!

3 Things I’m Thankful for Today -

  1. My Hubby!!
  2. My Healthy Kids!!
  3. My Home!!
Encouraging Quote -"Sympathy is no substitute for action." -- David Livingstone, missionary to Africa, just a reminder to me that I need to have action :)

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Mary Ellyn said...

Nothing like choosing the longest Psalm! Reading or memorizing. I love reading aloud!