Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Out in The Garden!

Growing. Growing. Growing. Maybe we will actually get something out of it this year!!! :D


The Potatoes!!!

The Strawberry Patch!
We have baby strawberries!! YAY!!

The Grapes :)
Not expecting much this year!!
This is our first attempt!!

This came as a stick......so we have official growth!!!

We have 3 raspberry bushes!!
Also started as a stick so we have more growth!!!

The Tomato Patch!! We are hoping for some
Salsa ~ Spaghetti Sauce ~ Canned Tomatoes

The Herb/Flower Bed!
Ha Ha....that is a head board.....bed ;)

This is the "I'm not sure what you are but I hope you grow anyway" Bed!
These seedlings got mixed up with other seedlings so we are not sure what is growing here!
We also have some Leeks - 2 More beds of tomatoes - lettuce - green beans -
butternut squash - eggplant - a few types of peppers
and corn......can't forget the corn!!!!

The "Girls" and Spike the Lonely Quacker :)

We are getting 4-5 Eggs a Day......everyday!!


Wee Ones Mommy said...

Looks great!

Julie said...

Your garden is awesome!! It took us 3 years to get any grapes. Good luck!

Kelly said...

Awesome garden! Our radishes popped up today-the only seed to sprout so far, but it's only been 6 days. You need to get a duck buddy.