Thursday, May 20, 2010

Still here :)

I really do go through spurts of blogging. This obviously is a down time :)

We added a little one......DURING the day. So that has change our (my) schedule a bit!! She is so worth it though!

Not much on the adoption front. Still waiting for push from God over this financial hump! I know He will OR He will take the desire away. The desire is still there and growing stronger so right now today I am doubting that is the answer for us. So we are sitting still and waiting for that go ahead and move forward sign :) It's coming. Soon I pray ;)

Same old same old around here......laundry ~ dishes ~ cooking ~ cleaning ~ learning....and now that spring is here lots of time is being spent outside in the garden. We have LOTS of growth which is pretty exciting. Which reminds I *NEED* to go and water the little babies!!!
I'll post pics soon of the garden :)


Brooke said...

I totally understand! You get discouraged about something and then grow apathetic about posting and then pretty soon it is days or weeks before you get back to posting.

I have missed your posts. Keep blogging!

Aaron Tague said...

For real? Your garden is wicked awesome! You could feed the whole state of Illinois with that thing. Secretly, I am jealous.