Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I still love you....really!!

I really do love blogging really I do. I hate what blogger has become. I hate that I have issues getting pictures on here. I don't know why? It says I can upload them from my computer but it never works. I have upload them to photo bucket and then upload them here...and....well....that is just a pain in the behind.

So the blog sits untouched because why would anyone read with no pictures. So here is a boring post with no pictures.

  • I have pumpkin patch pictures.
  • I have race pictures.
  • I have the cutest Christmas Pictures.
  • I have kids just being kid Pictures.
Yet no posts.

Anyone else having issues getting pictures in their post straight from their computer??? Or am I the only one "blessed" :)


Our Journey said...

I had a simliar problem, but if I only try to load 3 or less at a time it works for me. Then I go back into the post and can add another 2-3 and so on. 4 or 5 seems impossible!

Aaron Tague said...

I like your new book look. It goes so well with the homeschooling lifestyle :)

CalvaryGirl said...

With photobucket you can just copy and paste the html into your posts. I have never trusted blogger with my pictures, anyway. I've always used photobucket, with the exception of my now impromptu posts from my phone. The pics automatically goes into blogger, but I don't do "memory" type pics from my phone anyway :)

Just wanted to tell you, we had missions conference this week at church. One of the missionary couples that presented were going to India, and I just sat there and boo-hoo'd through their whole video presentation thinking back on all of your pics I'd seen, your sweet little one, etc .. <3 thought you'd appreciate knowing.

I still haven't forgotten about the caramel apple cupcake recipe!


whenpigsfly said...

I have fits tryign to do photos and or get them whree I WANT THEM on my page. Makes me so frustrated and not very happy with the look of my blog when its done. Add to that my old 'puter that tends to forget that it is doing ANYTHING, and I lose a lot of work.....yah, growl!!!